Yoho.com is stead fast on guarding the privacy of our users online. It is such a search engine which collects personal information about the users so as to give you a personalized experience with our website without the violation of the privacy policy norms.


The fundamental need of accumulating personalized information concerning the users is integral so that we may gather as much possible information about you , necessary for standing up to your requirements .The more we know about you , the more will we be able to provide you with distinct features and characteristics underlining your basic interests .


Under policy norms , the information collected is considered as highly confidential and is never sold out or handed over to anyone outside the company .A security check is keenly observed and all data is held in strict confidence and protected by reliable security standards.


Cookies" are small data files that are sent from your browser and are stored on your hard drive, keeping track of your general activity on the site. When you make subsequent visits to the site, your cookie gives us a summary of your preferences and past experiences on the site. This allows us to tailor Yoho.com to your needs but does not exploit your personal information.


As Yoho.com further develops and widespreads , addition of certain features may be made or legal requirements may alter .Although all information submitted to Yoho.com is liable to the terms and conditions of this policy , you may remove or restrict access to your account by updating your account information at www.yoho.com. But it would be most appropriate if you keep a random check concerning any changes and keep visiting our website to find the various updates .Thereby using Yoho.com , you must agree to use your information about our website as mentioned above in our policy rules.


By using Yoho.com, you indicate that you agree to the collection and use of your personal information by Yoho.com as outlined in this Privacy Policy.


Yoho.com offers you the possibility of modifying your information before provided . Yet , should you have any further inquiries about the norms of our privacy policy , please feel free to get acquainted and set up a connection with us by e-mail at info@yoho.com


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