Yoho.com was established a few years back with the notion of developing not only a mere search engine , infact a unique means of providing an Internet based Advertising solution. Yoho.com's "bidding" search engine provides a far more efficacious and cost-effective means of finding products and information on the Web more promptly than any other traditional search engines available online.

Yoho.com is the luminary benefactor of a "performance based" marketing service for the internet . Our fundamental objective is to furnish our clients and visitors with the most proficient quality of customer services, delivered in the utmost professional yet amicable manner.

Here at Yoho.com we are administering technology which helps ranked based search results through an open biding system. We are highly rated as a Pay-Per-Click Search and Distribution Network , collaborating with several esteemed providers , Advertisers and Affiliates who use our search scripts to generate the revenue .Thus, the higher the bid , the higher will be the place accommodated for the advertisers .Although other search engines directly receive the PPC results from their providers but Yoho is different in this respect.

Yoho.com will it self act as one of the providers , accepting its Advertisers as well as its Affiliates . So that the website is liable to present the desired YOHO results. Basically what Yoho does is cater all XML feeds and all advertisers are expected to call for their Bid.Once the bidding for location is made , Yoho will generate its XML feeds automatically.

However , Yoho.com also benefits its consumers as well . As Yoho.coms advertisers are selecting and paying their price for the location of the search terms best suited for their web sites , surfers who use Yoho.com are also assured that their search results are always relevant to their needs and not cluttered with insignificant links.

Therefore Yoho.com has become one of the prime companies to get acquainted with both business and consumers at the same time.


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